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Mindset, Money & Manifestation with Jennifer Grace

Money Mindset & Business Coach


I’m a success coach for entrepreneurs with big dreams who get that results come fast when you’re into the woo-woo.

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I learned all about manifestation about a decade ago – and it’s made my life unrecognisable.


I got to work with it immediately, and quadrupled my corporate income to six-figures in less than two years.

I became a manifestation speaker and teacher, and the more I enjoyed it, the more I knew I had more to do. So I became a coach, left my lucrative corporate career to pursue my dreams, and decided I would make it happen. (At my friends and family’s utter horror, disbelief, and secret pangs of envy).

I didn’t realise at that time that my patterns of self-sabotage, stop/starting, overthinking would follow me and become amplified when I had taken such a leap. But they did, and I found myself in unfamiliar territory of not knowing where money was coming from, trying hard to get my next coaching clients and wondering where my miracle was when everyone else in the world seemed to be easily sailing past their first coveted 10k months.

I had more work to do. So I did it, and it took time, but I started to really use my energy instead of rely on strategy. I discovered a way to make my energy flow that would call in consistent clients, much more ease and freedom, and big wins.


And I turned it around. I had spectacular breakthroughs and massive wins, made lots of money, served incredible women, paid off debts, and tell the story about it a lot. Even now.

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Now I work with coaches who were just like me. Stuck in finding consistent clients, struggling to make the high-end money, doubting themselves a lot, and knowing how to piece it all together. I show my clients exactly how to develop the mindset to call in big results for themselves, and have so much joy in the journey.


Success is 80% energy and 20% strategy


I can teach an easy strategy to a client in a few sessions – and the rest of the work is all energetic.

If there is any seed of doubt in your mind about what I’ve said, ask yourself – is hard work and telling yourself what you ‘should’ do to grow your business and hit consistent money goals helping you to win, or stay stuck?

There are people in life who just make success looks effortless. It’s not luck. It’s your energy alignment. Master that, and there is no element of success that you can’t achieve.

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